Tuesday, July 13, 2010

why does the civil war period have such a hold on the american persona?

I have got to get a hobby another hobby
I'm becoming a pest
last sunday i got in a loud argument, a loud and pointless argument in public
about the causes of the american civil war
whether it was fought to abolish slavery
or over states rights
that states rights nonsense never ceases to anger me because its such a pretext
this is the nice thing
the amazing really remarkable thing about the 21 st century
is its technology
the internet
what you are looking at
the ability for people so far away from each other to communicate and share ideas
ever want to listen to a YALE professor discuss the civili war
what it was about?
in the day you'd have to go to a library or a book store
go visit some old college professor or talk to your grandfather or uncle whoever the family history nut was
now all you have to do is consult youtube or wikipedia
you might forget all the clever arguments some lefty pointy headed eastern professor
for why the subterfuge
of states rights was not the REAL issue during the war of " northern aggression "
for all its imperfection the union had to fight to preserve itself
but it was slavery that started the dispute
and it was the abolition of slavery and the 13th 14th and 15th
amendments were the result
so if you ever feel the need to consult a real expert on a first class analysis
of the causes and results of the civil war
here you go..
if you did find this interesting you can find the whole semester of lectures here

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