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A white man sang a full complement of R&B songs to a nearly all-white audience of delegates. (Thank you, G.E. Smith Band.) Old people danced comically to the strains of 3 Doors Down

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6 Right-Wing Zealots and the Crazy Ideas Behind the Most Outrageous Republican Platform Ever     

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In the study, Liu and Ditto report, conservatives tilted their views of the facts to favor their moral convictions more than liberals did,on every single issue. And that was true whether it was a topic that liberals oppose (the death penalty) or that conservatives oppose (embryonic stem cell research). “Conservatives are doing this to a larger degree across four different issues,” Liu explained in an interview. “Including two that are leaning to the liberal side, not the conservative side.”

pants on fire    Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.
John Stuart Mill
English economist & philosopher (1806 - 1873)
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Bill Maher: "The Only Thing You Need to Know About Todd Akin and Anatomy: He's an A**hole

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why i hate this country sometimes

Our right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures has been undermined by a narrow conservative majority concerned more with protecting public officials than with the rights of ordinary Americans.

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the right wing is armed and we are not.. coup?   comments_image 17 COMMENTS

Creepy Tea Partiers Think They Own the Military--And Can Use It Against the Rest of Us!


This, to me, is far creepier than Wes Clark's lame TV show that nobody's going to watch:

The message, put up earlier this month, was paid for by We the People of Marshall and Fulton counties, a tea party group. The head of the organization, Don Nunemaker of Plymouth, said late last week that the message was meant as a call for action at the ballot box on Election Day, Nov. 6.

He was vague about the threat voters are to “remove,” saying it’s up to individual voters to glean what they will from the message. He didn’t immediately return a call Monday seeking comment on the demonstration plans.
First, it's easily construed as a call for a military coup, which is as un-American as if gets. Second, these people believe they own the military and use it as a weapon against the rest of us. It's a very creepy dynamic. 

That ad is by the same people who insisted that the Democrats are trying to keep military voters in Ohio from voting. This stuff is going on under the radar so far. This election won't be a national security election so I suppose it may not rise to the surface. But these wingnuts are keeping their partisan military fetish alive (as opposed to the more mainstream rah-rah of the Democrats which is bad enough) and it will come roaring back as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

If people think that Obama ordering bin Laden's death along with the rest of his tough national security policies have forever retired the advantage Republicans have on these issues, they need to ask Bill Clinton whether balancing the budget and leaving a surplus resulted in the Democrats never having to face the "tax and spend" label again.
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Britain's tough talk on the issue takes what has become an international soap opera to new heights since Assange angered the United States by publishing secret U.S. diplomatic cables on his WikiLeaks website. It may also raise difficult questions for London about the sanctity of embassies' diplomatic status.
The Ecuadorean government, which said it would announce whether it had granted Assange's asylum request on Thursday at 7 a.m. (1200 GMT), has said any attempt by Britain to remove the diplomatic status of its embassy would be a "hostile and intolerable act".

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This apple tastes funny

Three years later, Cooksey remains slim and healthy, but now finds himself with a different sort of diet problem, thanks to a letter he received from the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition. It accused him of practicing nutrition counseling without a license, and threatened to charge him with crimes that could result in jail time if he refused to make changes to his blog,
The legal basis for the letter is a North Carolina law known as the Dietetics/Nutrition Act. It’s one of 47 state laws that criminalize the giving, by “unlicensed persons,” of nutritional advice regarding a medical condition. Such laws are in place largely due to lobbying efforts by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), the professional organization that represents the nation’s registered dietitians. (Until recently, AND was known as the American Dietetics Association.)

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a boo boo

Honey Boo Boo: America's littlest sweetheart, or 'its worst nightmare'?

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When the UPS package arrived at Seth Horovitz's home, he thought it must be an accessory for the TV he ordered. The package was too small to be a TV, but it was addressed to him. Instead, Horovitz, who was expecting dinner guests any minute, "reached into the box and felt the weapon’s pistol grip and trigger." It was the first time he had ever touched a gun.

it must be an accessory for the TV he ordered .

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In the new book, "The Party Is Over," veteran Republican Mike Lofgren writes about the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism and how the GOP devolved into anti-intellectual nuts.


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we have the power to do this..
A couple kiss in front of a Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant in Hollywood as a Christian activist reads passages from the Bible on August 3, in Hollywood, California. Gays and lesbians puckered up in protest Friday, staging "kiss-ins" outside Chick-fil-A outlets across the United States over the fast food chain's opposition to same-sex marriage. (AFP Photo/Frederic J. Brown)

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Sam Harris
Dubbed one of the “Four Horsemen” of “new atheism,” along with philosopher Daniel Dennett, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, and the late Christopher Hitchens, Harris' atheist fame is both wholly undeserved and utterly embarrassing. Harris represents a disturbing anti-Muslim confluence between atheists and neoconservatives in this here post-9/11 'Murka. While it's fine to ridicule Islam, for the oppression of women, or say, the ridiculous story about Muhammad (PB&J) flying to Jerusalem on a Buraq (a winged and inexplicably shame-ridden horse with a dude's face), it's quite another thing to defend torture and racial profiling .