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Look its not like they don't have a point they have it half right and so do we. Government run health care sucks, Canadian single payer , the British NHS system they are all terribly problematic, they hemorrhage money ,  they give lousy service and if your not careful you can die waiting for service on a waiting list .. all these things said no one, no one wants to do what we do which is nothing.. the Canadians have reached the point they cant put up with lousy service any more so  they look to make their system more competitive..  do they make their system more like ours? No way theirs a much better model its universal and affordable, the German Model and the Swedes do it too..

our system sux donkey balls    look what the swedes have done

but there is  a right way and a wrong way to create universal care, to ignore warnings that to make the system a government run bureaucracy  devoid of competitive options is to jump out of a frying pan, and into a fire.. there is a right way and a wrong way to fix things

trust me you don't want this -->