Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conservatives Rush to Defend Shirley Sherrod

I DON'T get this. what is the fuss??

There's an interesting dynamic playing out in the case of fired USDA official Shirley Sherrod -- conservatives are lining up to demand her reinstatement.

First we had Glenn Beck launching into an impassioned defense of Sherrod, which he repeatedly linked to a request that the NAACP show some patience and understanding the next time a conservative is accused of spouting racist remarks. He also used it to go after the Obama administration for approving her dismissal, asking "Why are they getting rid of Shirley? Why is she being made an example of? Where are the journalists on this?" It's sort of a weird demand, since mainstream journalists spent the entire day asking those questions and finding clear answers -- it's how Sherrod was exonerated.

But Beck's not the only one --
you really need to listen to the tape

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