Monday, July 12, 2010

until it ends it never ends

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – Masked Irish nationalist youths are hurling bottles, bricks and other makeshift weapons at riot police protecting a Protestant march in north Belfast as violence has resumed following a day of Protestant parades across Northern Ireland.
Monday night's rioting broke out on the edge of Ardoyne, a Catholic district where locals each year try to attack Protestant members of the Orange Order brotherhood as they march to their lodge nearby.
Several hundred Irish nationalists have packed side streets beside the parade. Many are hurling objects into the roadway and into lines of police in helmets and body armor. Several vehicles also have been hijacked and burned.
Police have stopped the Protestant marchers and are keeping them away from the riot.

People try to simplify this issue, when it is really much more complex and goes back 1000 years the british had occupied ireland even before the reformation when england was still a catholic nation the normans invaded in 1167 but the difference was the normans adopted the gaelic language assimilated into the conquered population disturbing little of the culture and becoming MORE IRISH THAN THE IRISH
the real problem thought does go back to the elizabethan period when Protestant Britain decided to commit genocide against the irish, take their land and force the anglican church on the indigenous population, but even that is simplistic its very complex the orange goes back to the battle of the Boyne and a dutch protestant king who was asked to save england from a catholic king and marry his protestant daughter Mary, (james II) the history between england and ireland is long complex and quite tragic
i'm not irish i'm about half dutch and half french and i was raised methodist which is a protestant sect although i consider myself agnostic, i think the english and bullies always have been marching over the world stealing peoples land and resources, they should leave ireland to the irish i think the republic is just as capable perhaps more so than settling any remaining matters between catholics and protestants
its a shame that this sort of religious strife remains in a mainly secular western europe but i don't blame
irish catholics they are the victims, i don't even blame protestantism, i think religion was used as a pretext by the british to keep a population divided the way they often did to subjugate conquered people.
i dont blame the common english man either he/she suffered under this feudal system too,blame the monarchy blame the empire and blame the snotty inbred twits that perpetuate it, but dont blame the irish catholics, they have suffered genocide starvation and diaspora at the hands of the british empire.
oh and if you want to understand a bit of the fight
heres a bit of history..

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