Saturday, April 30, 2011

notice the accordion music..

this is one of the best campaign ads i have seen in a long long time..

the peoples republic of canada..oh god i hope so@@@!

The New Democratic Party (French: Nouveau Parti démocratique), commonly referred to as the NDP, is a social-democratic federal political party in Canada. The party is regarded as falling on the left in the Canadian political spectrum.The leader of the federal NDP is Jack Layton. The provincial NDP parties in Manitoba and Nova Scotia currently form the government in those provinces. Provincial parties have previously formed governments in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and the territorial party formed the government in Yukon.
bon chance

Q:Why do you love the French so much?

A:They invented the guillotine

Monday, April 25, 2011

Proud of yourself, little man?

Not very sporting to fire on an unarmed opponent. I thought you were supposed to be good. Aren't you the... "good" man?

Friday, April 22, 2011

We're #1 -- Ten Depressing Ways America Is Exceptional

In the last decade, while the top 1 percent of Americans saw their incomes rise, on average, by more than a quarter of a million dollars each, the average income of the bottom 90 percent of all working Americans actually declined.

To Republicans, inequality is unimportant because of another aspect of American exceptionalism, the unparalleled opportunity in the United States for those with ambition and grit to move up the economic ladder. They insist, and most of us firmly believe, that America is still the land of opportunity, that the probability of a rags to riches saga is much higher here than abroad.

But recent data contradicts that fundamental tenet of American exceptionalism. A Brookings Institution report comparing economic mobility in the United States and other countries concludes, "…"Starting at the bottom of the earnings ladder is more of a handicap in the United States than it is in other countries." And more broadly notes, "there is growing evidence of less intergenerational economic mobility in the United States than in many other rich industrialized countries.”

Another hobbling fundamental tenet of American exceptionalism is that we have nothing to learn from other countries. Why mess with God’s perfection? Back in the late 1980s I went to producers at Minneota’s public television station, TPT and proposed a show tentatively entitled, “What We Can Learn From Others”. They wondered what in the world I was smoking.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How the GOP Is Committing Political Suicide With Ryan's Extremist Budget Plan

Believing their own spin, the GOP has dramatically over-reached since then, alienating swing voters as it pursues a profoundly reactionary agenda. We saw it at the state level – as Talking-Points Memo noted, “Wisconsin's Scott Walker (R), Ohio's John Kasich (R), and Michigan's Rick Snyder (R) have seen their approval ratings fall to the point that polls show them losing hypothetical do-over elections with the candidates they beat last year” – and now it's beginning to show in the national polls.

How Socialists Built America

This article is adapted from The “S” Word: A Short History of an American Tradition… Socialism, published in March by Verso.

If there’s one constant in the elite national discourse of the moment, it is the claim that America was founded as a capitalist country and that socialism is a dangerous foreign import that, despite our unwarranted faith in free trade, must be barred at the border. This most conventional “wisdom”—increasingly accepted at least until the recent grassroots mobilizations in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Maine—has held that everything public is inferior to everything private, that corporations are always good and unions always bad, that progressive taxation is inherently evil and that the best economic model is the one that allows the wealthy to gobble up as much of the Republic as they choose before anything trickles down to the great mass of Americans. Rush Limbaugh informs us regularly that proposals to tax people as rich as he is for the purpose of providing healthcare for kids and jobs for the unemployed are “antithetical” to the nation’s original intent and that Barack Obama’s reforms are “destroying this country as it was founded.”

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Right-Wing Crackpot 'Historian' Barton Exposed by Peter Montgomery and Lawrence O'Donnell

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Yes, the Latest Right-Wing Paean to Sociopath Ayn Rand Is Really, Really Awful

You may be wondering what it was that Dagny and Henry were doing prior to the strike that was just so goshed-darned awful that Big Gubmint had to stop them. The answer is they were building the world’s fastest high-speed rail line. Yes, rail. The mode of transportation that has been championed by liberal commie Nazis and that has become the bane of good salt-of-the-earth conservatives everywhere. In reality, of course, a liberal government would be tossing bundles of subsidies at any entrepreneurs building high-speed rail lines in the Western United States but in Randality, these noble entrepreneurs were crushed by the rent-seeking big businesses who used their Washington ties to extinguish the flames of competitive markets.

Take Lisa Simpson and combine her with Gordon Gekko and the obnoxious child-android from “Small Wonder,” and you get the perfect Rand hero.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what a socialist society looks like(sarcasm)
The anti intellectual right like glen back and sara palin Michele Marie Bachmann are always babbling about how the left is some socialist/communist/nazis if they were all the same thing, simply because they are too stupid and lazy to analyze the world they live in..well my point is canada is the result if you study it of decades of liberalism being dominant..would it be so terrible if we had done the same to the united states? not according to the conservative heritage foundation go figure..
heritage foundation index of economic freedom

according to this right wing group by their standards canada is a better place to do business never mind they live 3 years longer on average and have a homicide rate one third ours

The Liberal Party of Canada (French: Parti libéral du Canada), colloquially known as the Grits, is the oldest federally registered party in Canada. In the conventional political spectrum, the party lies between the centre and the centre-left. The Liberal Party has dominated federal politics for much of Canada's history, holding power for almost 69 years in the 20th century, more than any other party in a developed country.
Michael Ignatieff has been the leader of the Liberal Party since he was elected at the May 2009 Liberal leadership convention.

there aint no fergetin

Lord Bertrand Russell addressing an international conference in 1970, wrote the following:

Lord Bertrand Russell addressing an international conference in 1970, wrote the following:

"The tragedy of the people of Palestine is that their country was ‘given’ by a foreign power to another people for the creation of a new state. The result was that many hundreds of thousands of innocent people were made permanently homeless. With every new conflict their numbers increased. How much longer is the world willing to endure this spectacle of wanton cruelty? It is abundantly clear that the refugees have every right to the homeland from which they were driven, and the denial of this right is at the heart of the continuing conflict. No people anywhere in the world would accept being expelled en masse from their country; how can anyone require the people of Palestine to accept a punishment which nobody else would tolerate? A permanent just settlement of the refugees in their homeland is an essential ingredient of any genuine settlement in the Middle East".

"Message from Bertrand Russell to the International Conference of Parlimentarians in Cairo, February 1970." Reprinted in The New York Times, Feb. 23, 1970. ..I personally have no strong view on Israel.. I don't like to see ANYONE mistreated, I have little sympathy for any sort of religious or nationalistic or racial extremism, but the thing about this issue that really gets me is how in the United States you can't even discuss certain issue just discuss them, without being assaulted by at least violent rhetoric, for example try and advocate gun control you are a communist and a nazi and enemy of "freedom" advocate for universal health care and your trying to impose "Socialism" on America..and try to discuss the crimes committed by the israeli state as Norman Finkelstien a Jewish man whose mother and father survived the horrors of the holocaust you immediately become a self hating jew and an "anti -semite" and my real beef is not with Israel but with the myth that Americans enjoy more freedom , My contention. is this, its nothing but a many ways Americans lack the simple freedom to discuss issues like this that in other places they can a civil libertarian this is what irks me.

"I Pay, You Pay, Why Doesn't B of A?": Are We Seeing the Birth of a Totally New Protest Movement?

UK Uncut doesn't have leaders, hierarchy, a PR firm or funders, yet in six months it has changed the face of British politics.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Progressive Media Suffer Losses In the Fight Against the Right-Wing Media Machine

Major progressive media stars have recently lost their platforms, while the Huffington Post eschews progressivism -- both worrying developments in the media war with the right.

There have been rays of hope for progressives recently, notably in the Wisconsin uprising against Governor Walker's union-busting jihad and in Glenn Beck's impending departure from Fox News, after strong critical campaigns by Color Of Change, the Jewish Fund for Justice and others, focusing on Beck's racism and obsession with Nazism.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The American Dream as We Know it Is Obsolete

These seemingly universal desires define the post-WWII American Dream, and are still the reference point for both left and right. The “Golden Age of American Capitalism” from the mid-1940s to the early 1970s is commonly seen as the triumph of the middle class, a time when the fruits of a robust capitalist economy extended to tens of millions.

But today we are trapped in the fault lines of a violent global economy, and these dreams seem as archaic as waking up at dawn with the grandparents, children and cousins to milk cows, bake pies and plow fields.

However outdated the American Dream, organized labor and liberals desperately cling to it as they retreat in the face of the Republican and corporate blitzkrieg. In this war, the battlefield is social spending and the public sector, and for the losing side the situation is dire. (The critique that follows is not of the rank and file or all unions, but rather the dominant tendencies among many labor leaders and large national unions.)
In an era of insecurity, we all want security.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just as they always wrap their proposals in pleasant vagaries to avoid debating their outcomes, this is what one must do when one is pushing unpopular

dirty rotten scoundrels

Conservatives have always done a better job playing the “long game,” and they have their eyes set on a future in which majorities will be harder to come by. Thanks to a moribund economy, the Tea Party swept into Congress and state-houses across the country, and they want to take the opportunity to grab the prize while they can – restructuring government in a way that will endure beyond a single election. It's the Shock Doctrine at work, complete with trumped up deficit “crisis” as the Right's cassus belli.