Friday, July 16, 2010

DEBATE: Tea Party v. Socialists

I hope you find this interesting because I was so happy to find it!
I get so frustrated when the debate about American policy degenerates
into name calling, accusing those on the center left of being socialist or communist.
Its particularly frustrating to someone my age who knows his way around the political spectrum
having wandered much of its span during my half century on this planet(this time around)
for example most people here who call themselves progressives
not only DON'T consider themselves socialist , AND ALSO really aren't
what a liberal progressive stands for is really social liberalism or social democracy
is so much different than what REAL doctrinaire marxist/socialists stand for
that someone should really point out that the accusations of democrats being SOCIALIST
are fairly inaccurate, and their needs to be a debate or discussion about what socialism really is
and how they differ from conservatives liberals and social liberals

this IS socialism

the dangers of idiots babbling about socialism and thank god when a rational man calls them out
tom hartman
socialists debate conservatives tea party continued

tea party response

wow this is a long debate... tea party vs socialists on the health care issue

socialists response on health care.. wow this is interesting its actually worth listening to

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  1. This is a pretty good debate. I'm glad that any such confluence of ideas has occurred in some format this year...