Friday, July 16, 2010

progress looks like this

100 years ago if a protestant married a catholic or a jew married a christian it was considered socially unacceptable immoral the very fabric of society was considered in peril, society would be on the verge of collapse due to "mixed" marriages. Sounds almost crazy today but i know my grandparents generation thought like this.
50 years ago there were still LAWS prohibiting people of different races marrying one another in some United States.The very fabric of society would fall apart if the races started inter marrying and breeding
gosh we're still here
NOW people often argue that the very fabric of society is again being threatened by the idea that marriages based on a "perversion" . mind you inter racial relationships, marrying out of your ethnic group or religion were once considered perversions.
and there are a few sad isolated people caught in the time warp who still do. which is fine no one is forcing them to marry their own gender no one is forcing them to marry outside their own narrow tribe of xenophobic thinking. all that is being asked is that their brand of outmoded prejudice is no longer codified .the radical the liberal the intellectual criminal

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