Friday, July 9, 2010

pick a dogma any dogma

Many people on both "sides"
like to simplify things, because simplifying things makes well simpler
its easier to divide things into us and them
that provides you with ENEMIES..

but life isnt simple
and there really isnt two sides
there are a million sides
and a thousands shades of grey
things are rarely back and white
to some people anyone who advocates funding for public libraries is a communist
or anyone who advocates gay marriage is some sort of anarchist

but what do these terms mean
so confusing
very complicated

its very easy to get confused because many people want to label any one the left a communist
when we really dont get along at all or agree on much either

many people accused of being "communists" are really very moderate and arent communist at all
its all so very complicated

i mean many 'liberals" are actually very pro market
which often puts them on the right on economic issues but left on social issues
so you really have to pay attention
and basically ignore anything anne coulter or glenn beck say
the left broadly is opposed to the capitalist system even though thats a bit simplistic

but to prove i'm fair minded heres
arnold shwartzenegger to tell you what a cool guy milton freedman was

and if you are curious
thats right i'm just as extreme as you can get why i actually eat babies for breakfast
because i'm a liberal and no thats quite quite different than being a communist
please try to pay attention
not communist

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