Thursday, July 28, 2011

who is the victim here?

we are at war

15 Years in Prison For Taping the Cops? How Eavesdropping Laws Are Taking Away Our Best Defense Against Police Brutality

Cases Keep Piling Up

Recording on-duty police officers has gained momentum in states around the country for some time now. But it's only in the last few years, after several high-profile incidents, that the topic has begun to generate nationwide headlines and debate.

"If police officers are doing their jobs in public places, for example policing a demonstration and something goes awry, it is very valuable for there to be a strong record, including audio of what happened, so that if there is a need to change the rules, the public can go to the government and say "look what happened, change the rules about how police officers are enforcing the peace at a political demonstration."

The court's decision in this case is said to be critically important in setting a precedent that will either protect or endanger newsgatherers‘ constitutional rights to monitor and record police misconduct. Schwartz said the ACLU is "cautiously optimistic" about the eventual ruling, which is expected to be handed down sometime in 2012.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

7 Winning Issues for Democrats (If They Only Had the Guts to Fight)

As the election comes closer, it won't be enough for Democrats to count on unpopular right-wing politicians to lose fights for them—they will need to find some winning issues to campaign on. And it's not actually that hard to do.

its okay for guys?

typical fox misinformation

Maybe not every woman. I, for instance, know plenty of women who have engaged in "friends with benefits" situations, including myself, without crying, stalking or trying to make it into anything it wasn't. But perhaps my female friend group pays too much attention to Hollywood and MTV, and have been brainwashed into thinking we can "do what we want." ?? wtf?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

how is this legal??

Iowa’s ag-gag law failed to pass before summer recess last week: a good thing. The ridiculous proposition, which died along with similar ones in Minnesota, Florida and New York, would have made it illegal to videotape or photograph in the agricultural facilities that house almost all of our chickens and pigs.