Thursday, July 8, 2010

curiouser & curiouser

The conflict in the middle east doesn't really get to me except in one respect.
people think its special
that theres something unique about it
its a conflict over land that has been fought over centuries, even Millennia
between two ethnic and/or religious groups claiming it exclusively as their own
how is that unique?
the english and the irish still haven't settled the matter of who ulster should belong too
the mexicans still want california and texas back
the chinese have a problem with tibet
greece and turkey still fuss over cyprus, don't they?
how is israel/palestine unique?
the other thing that kinda annoys me is when people try to simplify this dispute and others
as a religious conflict
its much more complicated than that
Nationalism and Religious conflict are fairly distinct but they get lumped together and that confuses the issue
sometimes trying to simplify an issue makes it more confusing more complicated
because nothing is simple
many try to wrap a religion or a race in a flag and pretend one is the embodiment of the other
not all agree
in fact some would take issue
which i do admit is confusing
and makes the planet a curious place indeed

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