Friday, June 11, 2010

why bother?

Europe is so far away, and in more than distance.
Culturally, economically, electorally they are different.
BUT...but..not completely, there are similarities, and perhaps keeping one eye open is not a bad idea.
Last month the UK threw left leaning Labour party out and put the conservatives back in.BUT
the conservatives did not get a majority and must rule in coalition with the fiscally centrist and socially liberal liberal democrats.
Because the voters seem weary of deficits and a crippled economy.
Now look what the dutch just did, evidently the christian democratic party imploded

the big issues were government spending deficits austerity and immigration, sound vaguely familiar?
the major difference is the electoral system is proportional so coalitions are formed after the elections not before as in the USA
really democratic defined
economically europe is in the same boat we are only more so
looking at how voters in these nations(nations i might add with stronger leftist traditions) are responding
to the economic crisis might give us an idea what we might expect
or not, who knows, maybe i'm just bored
but hey when the Dutch vote in a bunch of pro business liberals(in europe the word means something entirely different)
it gets my attention
meanwhile in slovakia
i'm just glad they have elections in slovakia, 25 years ago it was a pipedream

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