Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guns Raise Stakes for Kagan

This so so disgusts me. Look at any CREDIBLE statistic listing of developed industrial nations, by that i mean western europe canada australia japan, include singapore and hong kong if you like, the USA tops this list of nations in only one thing, its NOT health care thats the French, its not gnp per capita i believe that luxembourg, we're not the best educated that might be ireland or japan, we are the most heavily armed society we have the biggest military and the highest level of gun ownership among private citizens, we also have the highest homicide rate, duuuuuur drewl , i am so sick of hearing this constitutional argument, change the constitution or ignore it the second amend ment is a deadly anachronism and it makes about as much sense to be proud of it as it does to be proud of the electoral college or the fact that blacks were constitutionally considered only 2/3 rds of a person and women were considered chattel. to the devil with it, its time to get rid of this pariah .
|supreme court ruling on guns
guns guns guns

oh i know what you are thinking hes just talking out his big fat unamericaine tuchas but look i can proove everything i say, well almost

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