Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a few of my favorite things

Where does politics end and culture begin?
Where does culture end and art begin?
Where does the rational mind turn off and emotion dominate the mind?
Life is complex and people are even more so .
Why do some people spend their free time at an art museum, while others are in the library and still others the disco?
who we are is often more of a self made fantasy than anything tangible
especially on the internet.

who we admire, can't always be explained is not always consistent with anything.
even a favorite scene from a movie
which is probably this
contributes to who you are
or who you think you are
somethings remain branded into your psyche decades after you experience them

the events of today come and go often seeming to repeat themselves
just adding to the mess you call self
meshing culture and politics
A friend once asked Fellini a sixty year old Italian man trying to come to terms with feminism in the late 1970s
what the heck his Movie CITY OF WOMEN
MEANT-Città delle Donne di Fellini

he smirked and shrugged and said"i don't know if it means anything..what do you think it means?"
perhaps more of life is like this than we care to admit
it is just there when we wake up
waiting to be analyzed .
for the pretense it must really be
and THIS still is the single most important event in human history
and realy the only reason this web page exists..

a certain kind of liberation

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