Sunday, June 13, 2010

the greatest b#llsh*t story ever told

Oh go on and laugh
itz good medicine
why not?
Whether or not you believe in god
(i'm not sure why commit?)
I do know this
religion is a scam
for thousands of years
there have been two tyrants
the village chief usually the strongest meanest thug with the biggest gang of cut throats
otherwise known as the king and his nobles
and then there is and was the village witch doctor
one kept people in line with brute force
the other with superstition and fairy tales about hell and divine rights to rule
that kept the witch doctor in good with the village tyrant
we no longer have a king
not here
we now get to vote on who is going to bully us about and steal from us for four years
but we still have the witch doctors about
conning the vulnerable out of their hard earned cash and frightening them into fearing
independent thought
perhaps it will always be so
cheer up could be worse

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