Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toronto Braces for More Protests

Toronto Braces for More Protests

Despite already making 180 arrests, Toronto police are preparing for even more protests Sunday outside the G-20 summit talks. "I do not believe that the individuals bent on vandalism and violence in our city have finished with their intent," the city's chief of police said Saturday night, noting that much of the violence—including four burned police cars—is coming from a small group of disruptors infiltrating a largely peaceful crowd. Still, the police dispatched pepper spray, tear gas, and bean bag pellets in attempts to diffuse the protesters. Meanwhile, inside the meetings, leaders plan to address the competing needs to nurse recovering economies and bring down large budget gaps. "This summit must be fundamentally about growth, and our challenge ... is that we all need to act to strengthen the prospects for growth," U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said. The Daily Beast looks at what's at stake for the world leaders—and who's likely to wield the most power.

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somethings happening here what it is aint exactly clear theres a man with a gun over there telling me i got to beware..
Just blocks away from the building where President Obama and a host of other world leaders are conducting high-level economic talks, scores of angry demonstrators are taking to the streets of Toronto with protests. The city’s police have reported 500 arrests, as youths dressed in black smash windows and even torch police cruisers. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s spokesman issued a harsh statement today, saying that the protesters are “a bunch of thugs that pretend to have a difference of opinion with policies and instead choose violence.” The protesters have no apparent overriding message, though many previous global summits of this type have drawn similar riots.

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