Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drilling Moratorium to Return

Drilling Moratorium to Return
If at first you don't succeed, try again: Hours after a New Orleans judge struck down the Obama administration's moratorium on off-shore drilling, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced that he will issue a new order reinstating the temporary ban. Salazar said in a statement that the new order will make clear why a six-month moratorium is essential and include additional evidence that safety conditions are inadequate in deepwater wells. "Based on this ever-growing evidence," he said, "I will issue a new order in the coming days that eliminates any doubt that a moratorium is needed, appropriate, and within our authorities." Earlier Tuesday, federal judge Martin Feldman said the Interior Department failed to justify the moratorium and that the failure of one rig does not mean all rigs are dangerous. The White House plans to appeal the ruling.
drilling is stupid

and in other news..wait wait i found another cool news source to check out..pbs left wing but you probably already know about it..but hey if you don't..

and if you want to know what is happening NOW not a month ago you can just go to the democracy now website
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