Monday, June 28, 2010

commentary on peaceable kingdom

no compromise?
the movie was from a cinematic point of view very good to excellent, but I'm afraid as compelling as it was emotionally and cinematically I'm not giving up meat, and I don't support banning dairy production, or using live stock for meat. Man is a predator its in his nature to use his position on the top of the food chain to his advantage. I wish their was a more rational dialogue available with the vegan crowd, for reform, what I do support is efforts to make conditions in these farms and food factories more healthy and less cruel, i'd prefer to eat free range meat as it is healthier and seems less cruel to animals and more natural. I think the farm industry cries out for regulation, and this new federal law making it a federal offense to film inside a food factory/slaughter house is beyond fascist. let people see how their food is produced and decide for themselves if they want to eat meat produced in such filthy disease infested conditions, and if they can still stomach a burger .Also may I ad I found the people at this movie event to be very very very nice. really friendly and non hostile, i did not come across anyone I felt was militant or agressive. HOWEVER. being the aggressive defensive caveman type that I am, I got a bit annoyed at the stridency of most people I met because of their refusal to compromise. Its seems most people realize they must use non violent means and persuasion to change society one person at a time to stop eating meat, thats cool, I don't see congress passing a law banning meat soon, don't see that at all. and sabotaging sausage factories is now a federal offense. to me that is beyond bizarre. what frustrates me terribly , is the enthusiastic refusal by vegans to back any sort of measure to regulate the industry to try to make conditions cleaner healthier, and LESS cruel. its all or nothing, either you convince EVERYONE TO GO VEGAN AND GIVE UP MEAT, or nothing. you cant be nice to elsie give her a nice life eating grass in a big old field, and then eat her, you have to make her a pet or an equal member of the community.sorry you lost me their thats nuts,excuse me its time for breakfast and yes this morning my omelet will continue to sport hot Italian capicolla (ham). i'd love to work for reform to make meat production cleaner healthier and more humane but sorry not giving up meat, i'm not a vegan, its not in my nature..said the scorpion to the frogs.
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