Friday, May 28, 2010

Monty python and the French revolution

I've given this a lot of thought , and I have come to the conclusion that I am old fashioned.
Basically hopeless Romantic stuck in the past
hopelessly bound to an 18th century philosophy
To me honestly there were two significant events in modern history
One was the French revolution. Arguably the event that changed Western History the most
a bunch of peasants got really angry and broke into a prison and nothing has been the same since

A lot has happened since some good a lot bad, but I don't think it was till recently that anyone really
remembered properly what the age of reason and the french revolution wanted people to do,
UNTIL MONTY PYTHON MADE THE LIFE OF BRIAN, in my mind the second most important event in modern history
but to be serious for just one moment the life of brian did cause quiet a stir because it made a mockery of dogmas
Think for yourselves!, we are all individuals we are all different, we do all have to work it out for ourselves.
Whatever we think of believe I think its important to remember we are all individuals
and the NO ideology no ism should blind us to using independent thought

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