Monday, May 17, 2010

is there something terribly wrong?

I often wonder how close we are to disaster? What little push would it take to send us over the edge,and how many will prefer the certainty of order, to the potential of chaos?
What would it take to produce a breakdown in our democratic order?
In the late 1920's and early 1930's and economic disaster created a monster known as NAZI germany that eventually lead to a war that consumed the world and left much of it in ruins
How close are we to that?

Many nations in Europe along with many American states are bankrupt , the euro is collapsing , and a feeling of dread is beginning to spread.
Is that enough? So what else is new?! There is always some crisis some where in the world, how can anyone predict if and when the bottom will fall out? Why bother? Could World War One have been avoided or predicted? Could the Great Depression?
Hitler Stalin?
I think the thing that gets me is that many people actually feel FDR prolonged the Great Depression when it seems all to clear to me he saved this nation from absolute disaster. We all to easily could have ended up with a Hitler or Mussolini or a Stalin, we came very close to getting Huey Long who did many great things for the poor people of Louisiana but was undoubtedly a thug
along the lines of a Hugo Chavez.
Now i supposed what the question is is Obama able to do what FDR did? Is he up to that? Because FDR was really more remarkable than most people can fathom taking us through both a depression and a world war?
And this November the nation decides the Obama administration's fate. It could be the beginning of the end depending on how well the Republicans do. And then what?
I would not put it past someone to allow a bit of chaos so THEY may establish order.
And then what? What will the people do? Will order be preferable to chaos? Perhaps everyone must look in the mirror and ask that question.

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