Monday, May 31, 2010

Is it time for a more balanced policy?

Aid to Israel is often considered a sacred cow.
To criticize our policy on this subject is almost taboo.
But is it time to at least begin a discussion on the subject?

However you personally feel on the subject, certain things reasonable people will accept as true,
To even question American support for Israel is something almost considered unheard of,
its something that is rarely even debated.
The other thing is regardless of whose version of what happened you believe,
this incident occurred well into international waters, and has now created a firestorm of outrage all over the world
Turkey Israel's only ally in the region is furious,
But what will we do? As Americans we give billions of dollars in aid to Israel every year,
so don't we at least have the right to question our policy?
And if not why not?
In a free society there should be no subjects that are off limits to debate
The irony of the history of modern HUMANITY is how quickly the victims of oppression become the perpetrators of it once they get the upper hand, this incident is not unique, this isn't just the middle east, its happened all over the world, down through recorded history, and is reflective of a huge flaw in human character overall ,not specifically unique to any one group, BUT OF ALL OF US.

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