Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wrath of the Tea Party

I watch a lot of movies, its pretty much what I do.
So I tend to look at life through that set of glasses.
I am also a Science Fiction Geek so the Rose tint on the glasses
comes from spending too much time in hyper space.
Its a pretty basic question, but I think its an important analysis to get right.
What exactly does the Tea Party Represent ?
Is the Tea Party the resurgence of Traditional values by the truly Patriotic?
Or is it the last gasp of a declining demographic obsessed beyond reason
with preserving centuries of privilege for itself
is the Tea Party like Ahab or Khan in Wrath of Khan?
an obsessed crazed group bent on rule or ruin?
or will the Tea Party be only the beginning of something truly
awful, like a sequel?
that IS the question.



  2. The Tea Party "movement" is definitely NOT the superior intellect :)