Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Confederate Trea- History Month...

'Confederate History Month' Plunges VA Governor Into Firestorm

So in order to shore up his conservative base in Virginia, McDonnell is once again celebrating a treasonous and deadly war, fought over the false belief that the new, progressive President was going to launch a campaign of government takeovers and forcing people to give up their rights (in this case the right to own slaves...)? How poignant.

This Daily Kos weekly trend of Obama's approval ratings, broken into geography, is revealing. Since the first week of March, 2009, only one region of the country has had a negative opinion of the Obama Presidency. Guess which one? Still think alot of this isn't about race?

The South remains a festering boil of ignorance and idiocy on the ass of our great nation. One can only hope that the immigration of people from the North and Latin America tempers their silly obstinance and resistance to reason and progress.


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