Friday, April 30, 2010


the british election is a dead heat
The Brits go to the polls next week.I've followed it a bit.
And I am curious. Has anyone else? I would imagine if anyone in America was I could find them here.
I was wondering, since we do have a history of third parties here in the USA influencing but not challenging the two party monopoly whether anyone still feels some sort of third party movement here would be productive considering how well the Liberal democrats are now doing in the British Election campaign going on now ? Its not very likey but I also would like to know how people feel about replacing our majority plurality system with proportional representation as has been suggested in Britian for many years.
Hope all is well with you all, and thank you for any comments on these subjects below.PEACE.

A little info on the British Liberal Democratic Party

and yes the LIB DEMS still exist here they are in 2010

Could a third party win in our electoral first past the post system??

Now you be irritated by this post..because its nothing to do with american politics.So why bother thinking about it?
Well thats why I'm posting this. Because I think we should think about other political systems.
other health care systems etc. If we really really want to fundamentally want to change our own system
maybe we should have a look at other places where people are ACTUALLY in the process of making fundamental changes,
like going from a two party system to a multi party system. And find out how and why they are doing it.

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