Sunday, January 13, 2013

If you want to know why i support gun control watch the above video, a law abiding citizen? a lunatic, or just a spoiled brain damaged child? this is what an "intellectual" debate looks like in this vast wasteland, where an adult male thinks its okay to act like a school yard bully on Ritalin  , there are millions of spoiled stupid white males out there that feel entitled to clean there shotgun while smoking in a bar or hospital waiting room while drinking a bottle of jack daniels these arent adults, these are violent children and they need to be disarmed

America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable. 

Hunter S. Thompson 

if you dont get your way t= you think you have a right to get violent, you dont

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