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Creepy Tea Partiers Think They Own the Military--And Can Use It Against the Rest of Us!


This, to me, is far creepier than Wes Clark's lame TV show that nobody's going to watch:

The message, put up earlier this month, was paid for by We the People of Marshall and Fulton counties, a tea party group. The head of the organization, Don Nunemaker of Plymouth, said late last week that the message was meant as a call for action at the ballot box on Election Day, Nov. 6.

He was vague about the threat voters are to “remove,” saying it’s up to individual voters to glean what they will from the message. He didn’t immediately return a call Monday seeking comment on the demonstration plans.
First, it's easily construed as a call for a military coup, which is as un-American as if gets. Second, these people believe they own the military and use it as a weapon against the rest of us. It's a very creepy dynamic. 

That ad is by the same people who insisted that the Democrats are trying to keep military voters in Ohio from voting. This stuff is going on under the radar so far. This election won't be a national security election so I suppose it may not rise to the surface. But these wingnuts are keeping their partisan military fetish alive (as opposed to the more mainstream rah-rah of the Democrats which is bad enough) and it will come roaring back as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

If people think that Obama ordering bin Laden's death along with the rest of his tough national security policies have forever retired the advantage Republicans have on these issues, they need to ask Bill Clinton whether balancing the budget and leaving a surplus resulted in the Democrats never having to face the "tax and spend" label again.
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