Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yesterday we reported on the Anaheim, California police department opening fire and releasing dogs into a crowd of women and children.
Today we learn, via Firedoglake that the cops in question must have been aware how bad their actions were, as they were eager to cover their tracks:
The segment ends with Jackson saying what I believe is the real story (and what I put in the headline). After police fired at innocent men, women and children, who were at most angry about a shooting in their community, the police went into damage control mode. They asked multiple people, who had been shooting video with their cell phones to let officers “buy” their footage so it would not be seen on the Internet.
KCAL’s segment on the shooting is the kind of reporting that should come from a local news outlet. It represents the truth of what was happening on the ground, but one will also notice it lacks an official statement from any police officials on what happened. Therefore, this is what was broadcast before police could propagandize the situation with their talking points.

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