Monday, March 19, 2012

by any other name:unions socialism and labels

Try to remember that in scandanavian nations? 60 to 80% of the workforce is unionized and by most standards including conservative think tanks northern europe is as advanced as our humaniod culture has gotten so far

see? thats not just and idle claim this data was collected by forbes magazine NOT MOTHER JONES!? AND THEIR source concluded northern europe is light years ahead of us on most things except crime disease and war
i really have to laugh at the games conservatives play, the only problem is too many people fall for their feeble lies, the first lie is socialsim and communsim are the same thing, they are not george orwell was a socialist he hated communsim conservatives pretedn he was a lone wolf but there were many anti communist social democrats like willy brandt the second game is to call social democracy or western social democracies capitalism well oaky which is it, are northern europe states socialist or not you cant have it both ways? in reality scandanavia is no longer socialist in the old sense true enough it never was it always had generous welfare states based on market economies, in the past 20 to 30 years like most western economies to compete in the new global economy tax rates and regualtion have been reduced dramatically this is true! but the welfare state and relative tax rates compared to toehr nations remain very high, so you have market friendly economies with large welfare states, why not call it fred? is it socialsim guys or not? whatever it is even conservatives admit it works, capitalists love doing business in these culturesand people love ling there by whatever name you want to call it i support it and its good for all people, i think we can learn something from the northern model whatever it is Socialism, Capitalism or Fred?(a mixture of both)

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