Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is This the Most Racist, Sexist Political Video Ever? SPANK ME
Janice Hahn, a Democrat for Congress in California's 36th District, is presently running in a special election against a staunch Republican named Craig Huey. Obviously the liberal Dem and her opponent have a lot to disagree with -- she's a pretty across-the-board civil rights advocate while her adversary is a Tea Party hardliner. But Turn Right USA, a conservative group supporting Huey, has a specific beef -- her alleged support of a gang intervention task force in Los Angeles -- and has flowed money into making a highly offensive video that targets it by fake-glorifying guns, money and strippers. Remarkably, the video spoofs Miami rap group the Splack Pack's booty bass hit "Shake that Ass." Even more remarkably... that's the Splack Pack doing the rework in the video. Watch:

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