Tuesday, November 2, 2010

liberal elitist rant

Call me a "Liberal elitist" call me a Marxist America Hater if that is what you think? You are too stupid to matter. I 'm not a successful millionaire..I managed to make it through graduate school, never really made it in the REAL world.But I look at this bonehead nation swinging between extremes and wonder..what are they thinking? They claim they did not expect Obama to be
so "Socialist" will they complain 2 years from now they did not expect the tea party extremists they put into power to be such
FASCISTS?! wake up america..big loses are expected..and the democrats haven't done a good job..but does anyone know what they are unleashing? Maybe they will catch on..but by then? it will be too late..
would you like to see what too late looks like dumbo tea bagger?

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