Sunday, March 28, 2010

Acceptable losses

If one studies congressional elections, its easy to see one thing is constant. The ruling party almost always experiences losses after two years. Rarely if ever are gains made. In order for people to be happy enough with the people they put in office to increase their majority, the ruling party would have to keep the promises it made. None ever does, no one ever can. The Democrats have made mistakes since they took power . Some accusations of incompetence or corrupt dealing could be seen as somewhat fair, I'm never pleased with what they do, the two party system is too amorphous the tent the parties spread is too big for the specific promises made to me to be kept and my desires to be satisfied.Honestly my biggest gripe with the Democrats is how weakly they deal with the abusive antics of the opposition. It makes me long for the days of Harry Truman and LBJ and the Labour Union AFL-CIO democrats of long ago that knew how to get tough with the scabs and the Brinks security men the bosses sent around to bully and intimidate. If I have any gripe its that the present party is too gentle too civilized in the way it deals with the thuggish mobs sent to intimidate a democratic majority. I blame the obstructionism and dirty tactics of the Republicans for hindering the process and impeding a rational discussion on issues like health care, and I think this is why
the Bill we got was substandard.
But I do grudgingly admire in a way how well the Republicans have learned to play a game that used to be ours. They do keep their minions in line during crucial votes and when they were in power they laughed when Democrats complained they were being shut out of the process ignored them and did as they pleased. Now that they are in the minority their exact same complaints are somehow now seen as righteous indignation and not the petty whining of the losers they painted democratic protests of just a few years ago. And Democrats are letting them get away with this. And it frustrates me,
to see our side be so weak kneed.
We have to do more than pretend to ignore them, do more than pretend we aren't intimidated by these thuggish bully tactics that border on terroristic violence and Fascist rhetoric. We have to grow a pair, excuse the phrase, we have to remember
that the Democratic party used to be the party of the tough union guy, and not the jacuzzi vegan liberal that the republicans want to paint us as. the party has changed the base has changed,fine time marches on we are the party of change. But that doesn't mean we have to be the party of saints that never return a punch and always turn the other cheek . We are a political party not Buddist Monks. And I think in order to keep losses acceptable this November we need to get energized, we need to come up with ideas..and i think we need a little of that blue collar toughness my grandfather's Democratic party had..I shutter to think what him and his Union brother's would have done if anyone tried to cut their propane lines.

Now I in no way wish to compare the Tea Party Mob to Al Capone and his mob(my apologies to honest gangsters for the inference)
nor do I in any way wish to advocate violent or illegal conduct, I use this little scene from the Untouchables as a Metaphor,
we are up against a tough enemy people that are ruthless and that will more than likely stop at nothing to keep
their status quo this society as they see it is their turf and we are stepping on their toes by trying to reform it,
(though i personally am NOT a big fan of Prohibition, I am sentimental about do gooding reformers)
we are as the metaphor may go the do gooders the people trying to clean up the injustice and corruption in an otherwise
good society.but the question remains?
what are you prepared to do? Edmund Burke once said all that it takes for evil to flourish in the world is for good men to stand by and do
nothing(apologies for the sexism Burke I believe lived in the 18th century)
But the question remains WHAT ARE WE PREPARED TO DO?
bloggings fine but if we want loses this November to be acceptable we do need to do more
in the words of Elliot Ness(at least the Hollywood version of him) "Let's do some good".


  1. Guillaume, you are absolutely right to insinuate that progressives need to be more activist. Exactly what we'd be willing to do, and how to do it, are things that area liberals & progressives need to "put their heads together" to figure out.

    Meanwhile, two things are apparent: 1) the size and scope of the "Tea Party" movement is ridiculously overblown by the media coverage it gets; and 2)the GOP is doing a great job of shooting itself in the foot, even digging its own grave.

    So making light of these things as much as possible, and highlighting all the ridiculous right-wing hysteria we're witnessing lately, may not be much but it IS a start.

  2. i hope you are right about the size of the movement
    and i am always for giving an adversary just enough rope so they may hang themselves
    requires less work
    but BUT overconfidence has lost many a battle
    it never pays to take things for granted
    become complacent
    my concern is that the defeat that occured recently in Massachusetts is not repeated.

  3. okay you can cal me paranoid but this is what i am worried about
    its not reds under my bed..

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